Long Island Recording Studios Located in Lexington Kentucky is a full service commercial studio designed for recording national quality CD's. Also the home of the Lexington School for Recording Arts.

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Today is Friday, November 25

It's Nall in the Mix...   Hey everybody. This is where you wanna go to check out all things LIRCo... more»

Kory Caudill at the 2008 Belmont University Commercial Music Showcase
Kory Caudill performs "Spider Fingers" at the 2008 Belmont University Commercial Music Showcase. Click HERE to see the video!!!

Passafire records "Submersible" at LIRS!
Savannah, GA reggae/rock band Passafire stopped by the studio a while back to cut their latest release for LAW Records. Click HERE to see the video!!!

Mack Rice Video online!
Check out Mack Rice's music video of "I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine," now available ONLINE at Lirco.com. more»

Meet The L-Team! With nearly 40 years in the music business, LIRCS is the area leader in the art of recording and performing music. more »
Artist DevelopmentArtist Development, Our Artist Development Program (ADP) is as beneficial to the beginner with little knowledge as it is to the professional looking to extend their musical skills. more »

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Come on in, we're always open! Buy the latest CD releases from our artist here at the studio. Also puchase cool t-shirts, Framed Prints, Keychains, Mugs and more...

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